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Carrera Digital 132

Digital 132 Sets Digital 132 Cars
Digital 132 Track & Accessories Digital 132 Parts

Here are a few of Carrera's Digital 132 Features :

*6 Racers on 2 lanes - In addition you can race with 2 Ghost or Pace Cars. THAT'S 8 CARS ON 2 LANES!!!
*Carrera's Cars have realistic acceleration and braking action.
*Most cars are equipped with front and rear brake lights
*Digital lane changing - this is what makes racing multiple cars on 1 or 2 lanes possible.
*Basic Speed - Control the speed level of each individual car.
*Brake Performance - Control how quickly you would like your car to "brake" when you let off the gas.
*Digital Lap Counting - Records laps and times for each individual car on the track.
*Position Tower - Displays each car's position while the race is on!
*Pit Stops - race your cars in "Real Fuel" mode - you will need pit during the race so you don't run out of gas!
*Driver Displays - View your car's fuel level during the race.

Start with a Digital 132 Set, from there you have unlimited extension possibilities with track and digital accessories.

Click the image below to view Digital 132 in action :

Digital 1:32 cars run on 1:24 scale track. The power supply for the D132 system is 14.8 volts and 3.5 amps.

Carrera D124, D132 and Evolution use a common track. Aside from the lane change pieces designed for Digital, the track is compatible with all three systems.
If upgrading from Analog to digital all straights and curved pieces from an analog set will be compatible with your digital layout.
Digital 132

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