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  Anti-Collision Chip for Carrera's Right Change
Anti-Collision Chip for Carrera's Right Change
Item: 30345LG
Price: $19.99
plus shipping
Inventory: In-Stock
Anti-Collision Chip for Carrera's 30343 Right Lane Change and Lane Change Curves (30362 and 30365)

Lane Gate is an easy way to reduce the carnage on your track. Lane Gate stops crashes by preventing cars from changing lanes if another car is along side. When running ghost cars, they'll no longer randomly crash into you or each other. Great for avoiding demolition derby with kids (young or old).

Lane Gate is a small add-on circuit that installs inside of the track section.

This is the "easy" version which does not require any soldering to install in the track, however, the installation of this piece does require modification to the track piece which will void your Carrera Warranty on that particular track piece..

There are three types to cover the entire range of Carrera lane changers.
30356LG - pit entry lane gate

Installation Instructions

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