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Carrera 30349 PC-Unit, Digital 124/132
Carrera 30349 PC-Unit, Digital 124/132
Item: 30349
Price: $79.99
plus shipping
Inventory: This item is no longer available
This item is no longer available.
Carrera DIGITAL 124/132 Digital PC-Unit for lap counter 30342 (PC connection cable, CD with software)or Control unit 30352

The PC Unit can be used to read out the data from the Lap Counter (30342) or Control Unit (30352) and show them on a computer screen. To use the PC Unit (30349) the following components are also needed:
a) either the Control Unit (30352) and a PC or notebook or
b) Black Box (30344), electronic Lap Counter (30342) and a PC or notebook.

The PC Unit offers the following functions:
- Access to driver and car databases
- Lap racing
- Time racing
- Fuel Load (with the use of pit stop 30356)
- Display of driver and car position (up to six drivers, plus 1 Autonomous Car and 1 Pace Car)
- Driver and car name
- Pictures of drivers and cars
- Best lap time, time of the last lap, number of completed laps

The PC Unit and the X-Lap software are only suitable for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

The 2nd update for the new Carrera software PC-Unit! The link below will give you instructions and the download link..(Copy and Paste)[tt_news]=56&tx_ttnews[backPid]=532&cHash=1dff38b37a

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