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PGT-21083 1/32 Rear Urethane Tuning Tires (see description)
PGT-21083 1/32 Rear Urethane Tuning Tires (see description)
Item: PGT-21083
Price: $4.49
plus shipping
Inventory: In-Stock
Rear Tuning Tires for Carrera 1/32, see below for compatibility (Fits Digital 1/32 and Evolution)

1 Pair of Urethane Slot Car Tires, handmade by Paul Gage.

These tuning tires provide outstanding traction and handling characteristics that wont disappoint!
Very soft tire for plastic or smooth wooden tracks

Dimensions: 21x8x3mm

This is a great performance tire for the following 1/32 Carrera models:
Classic Camaro
'67 Ford Mustang
Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray (produced in the late 90s)
Aston Martin DB5

This tire will also fit the following Scalextric Models:
Jaguar E-Type
Volkswagen Campervan
Volkswagen Panel Van
Ford Escort Mk1
Aston Martin DB5
Volkwagen Beetle

Once installed all you need to do is sand the tire lightly to true it up and remove any convex or concave centers, and away you go. This can be done easily using a 120 grit garnet sand paper or emery board, then finish with a 240 or 480 grit.

A recommendation from Paul Gage:
If you wish to glue on the rear tires, use a clear nail polish. Just clean the tire with acetone, lightly sand the bead on the hub, paint a generous layer on the inside bead of the hub, paint the outside bead of the tire, then mount the tire. Allow one hour to dry, sand them true, and away you go!

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