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  QVR2 QViRace 2 Lane Analog Lap Counter for Scalextric 132 Scale
QVR2 QViRace 2 Lane Analog Lap Counter for Scalextric 132 Scale
Item: QVR2S
Price: $209.99
plus shipping
Inventory: This item is no longer available
This item is no longer available.
QVR2 QViRace 2 Lane Analog Lap Counter for Scalextric 132 Scale


Digital Electronics -
  • Detects the passage of cars by infrared sensors (even with low light).
  • Can be used in both directions.
  • No need of external feed or batteries. It is connected to the USB port of the PC or notebook.
  • LEDs indicator lights: starting lights, passage of cars, paused race and end of race.
  • Software audible signals.
Exclusive Software -
  • Modern and minimalist design, with features similar to F1.
  • Amazing visual animations.
  • Race results can be shared on social networks.
  • Race results can be saved on the PC.
  • Race can be paused whenever the user wants to.
Simple and Robust -
  • Not complex at all. Once it is connected to the USB port of the PC or notebook, it is ready to be used. The product box includes an USB extension cord.
  • No need to be configured. It adapts itself to the environment.
  • Easy installation and use (user manual included).
  • Mistake-proofing software. It detects accidental unplugs and it reports the failure to the user.
  • 3D printed and carefully finished.
  • Reinforced structure to prevent impact damages.
Race Modes -
  • Normal Race Mode: simple and fast configuration.
  • Competition Mode: Free practices, Qualifying, Series, Final
  • Calculates the position and final score of each driver once the competition is over.
  • Calculates the overall score and ranking of drivers within a championship.
  • Supports multiple championships.
  • Unlimited number of participants per race.
  • Race types: by laps, by duration, by duration plus goal pass.
On-Race Functions -
  • Lap time per driver.
  • Lap average speed per driver.
  • Record lap per driver.
  • Total time of the race.
  • Record lap during the race.
  • Storage of every driver statistics per lap.
Compatible -
  • Compatible to any 1/32 scale track (Scalextric, Carrera, Ninco, etc).
    • This item is just for Carrera Track - for Special order Scalextric or Ninco please call/email
  • Can be placed in any part of the track (and it can be used in both directions).
  • The software adapts itself to any screen resolution (LED TV, Smart TV, monitor, laptop, tablet).
To Download the Software - CLICK HERE

To Download the Full User Manual - CLICK HERE

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